Space to Be.....

playroom interiors

I'm going to try my best to speckle some personal things about myself on this blog every once in awhile. So... how about a home decor post??? Okay--sound good???

When we moved into our house last year, one of my favorite spaces was a "sunroom" type of room that I knew we would use for the playroom. We have a 5 year old and a 3 year old and like all small children, they want to be with mom and dad pretty much all the time. So, while keeping toys in their rooms was an excellent thought... the truth??? Yep- they drag that stuff out all over thehouse to wherever we are.  Solution?? In this room, we keep all our reading books, story books, legos and two bins of "toys". Once the big bins are full- the rest of the toys have to go back to their rooms. We also have a bookshelf in this room that helps with organization. Not pictured because I was wading through a sea of legos and the rest of the room looked like a wreck.

This room is a great space and we spend so much time as a family in it. We read our books on the sofa, build countless lego cars, spaceships and excavators on the floor.  One thing that this room needed was a kid-feel to it. Because it is directly open to the den, I didn't want it to look like an eyesore but I wanted to find a way to have the kids love this space and see it as theirs. My thought was this DIY art work frame. I had this old mirror with a lovely shaped frame that I wasn't using. So, I replaced the mirror with chicken wire. Wa-lah! The kids got to choose their favorite art projects from school and we clipped them onto the wire. Now, they can change out the art whenever they want to and it contains the "clutter-look" to one space instead of having it spread out all over the fridge! It also adds color!


This room is my favorite because of the life we live in it. It is our space to just "be" in. We read here, talk here, pray here, drink too much coffee here (me!). It is usually a hot mess and rarely magazine worthy but it has soul and depth and warmth.

What is your favorite space to just "be" in?